Seven reasons to explore Holland by bicycle

Holland is the ultimate cycling country. There is no other place in the world where people love their bikes as much as in Holland. A bicycle takes you to special places where cars can’t go. So, cycling is the perfect way to really explore Holland. We have listed seven reasons for cycling in Holland for you.

  • Holland is Europe’s cycling paradise.
  • Cycle through the city like a local, rent an e-bike, discover the bicycle highways.
  • Enjoy unique landscapes and cycle past special hotspots.

Feel like a real local

Holland has more bikes than inhabitants. Whenever possible, the Dutch do everything by bike. There is no better way to immerse yourself in Dutch culture than to get on a bike and discover the stories of Holland in this way. 

Everyone can ride a bike in Holland

Young and old, experienced cyclists and people with little cycling experience... Holland is a flat country and therefore it’s perfect for a bike ride regardless of your age or experience. There are even special cycling tours and cycling holidays for children.

Holland has the world’s most beautiful cycling routes

Whether you want to ride for a day or go on a bike tour covering several days, Holland is the place to go. There are multiple National Cycling Routes developed especially for cycling tours lasting several days. If you prefer a day tour, you can use the  cycling route network to select an itinerary easily. It’s (virtually) impossible to get lost!

E-bikes and bicycle highways

These days, E-bikes are no longer just for seniors! In the Netherlands, younger people ride them to school and more and more people travel to work on an e-bike. In some places, in order to avoid the nuisance of cars, traffic lights and hazardous crossroads, you can take a special bicycle highway! These special bicycle paths are perfect for traveling longer distances on your e-bike. They are also accessible for regular bicycles and you can travel at your leisure. No need to go fast! The route from Utrecht via the Heuvelrug to Amersfoort, and the RijnWaalPad between Arnhem and Nijmegen are fantastic examples of such bicycle highways.

Holland boasts 37,000 kilometers worth of cycle paths

And they will lead you to the most special hotspots. A bicycle takes you places a car cannot reach. Where else will you be able to ride a bike through the flowering tulip fields? Or will you fancy yourself in a painting by Vincent van Gogh?

Cycling in Holland is safe

The Dutch are used to cyclists and pay attention to them in traffic. Moreover, the cycle paths are mostly separate from the road, so you won’t have to worry about speeding traffic. On top of that, Holland is among the top five countries in terms of traffic safety.

Cycling makes you happy

It’s easy to forget all your worries while cycling through a beautiful polder landscape. Would you like to go on a totally carefree cycling tour for several days? Book a fully catered cycling holiday. Everything will be organized for you, so you’ll only have to ride your bike and enjoy your holiday.

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