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Jazz in de Gracht

Aug. 26, 2021 - Aug. 28, 2021 Canceled, The Hague

The Jazz in de Gracht (literally Jazz in the Canal) festival is different from other festivals. Instead of huddling in front of various stage, this festival takes place at the canals of The Hague. Find yourself a nice spot along the edge of the canal, order a drink at one of the bars and wait for the musicians to float over to serenade the audience before floating off to the next area.

  • Floating Jazz festival
  • Performances by national talent
  • Free festival
The Hague
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Festival in the canal

The festival; Jazz in de Gracht is held annually in the picturesque canals of the city of The Hague and is an experience that few countries offer. This festival creates a unique atmosphere and is a way to truly enjoy this beautiful city and all the talent that is hidden within. Despite its name, the festival does not only revolve around Jazz music. Styles such as blues and other musical influences also have a place at this event.

Experience Jazz in de Gracht

Days like these come in few and are special in many ways. Residents in the area open their balcony doors to enjoy the music, and others gather alongside the canals to soak up the good vibrations that spread throughout the city.

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