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Julidans is the summer festival for international, contemporary dance. This yearly festival is held in the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam (City Theater) and other venues across the city. It’s a great opportunity to see extraordinary dance performances and meet the people behind the scenes.

  • International festival for contemporary dance.
  • Groundbreaking choreography from every corner of the world.
  • Meet the makers and discover a new generation.

Dance Performances

Besides watching many dance performances, you can meet with the makers, have dinner with the choreographers, discover a new generation at Julidans NEXT and take a sample dance lesson. Julidans shows dances from all over the world, including Africa and the Arabic world.

Dare to Dance

Julidans is always looking for choreographers who aren’t afraid to raise their voice and who dare to explore (and ignore) boundaries. Visitors are therefore always guaranteed to see dance performances that they’ve never seen before.

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