Moon Duo live at Le Guess Who?
Moon Duo live at Le Guess Who?
Photo: © Juri Hiensch

Le Guess Who?

Nov. 11, 2021 - Nov. 14, 2021, Utrecht

Discover the finest contemporary Indie music the world has to offer at this sparkling festival in the heart of Utrecht. Situated in different music venues across this cozy city, the festival gives an opportunity to walk around and discover beautiful spots while enjoying the music.

  • Finest international contemporary Indie music.
  • Unique atmosphere in multiple locations throughout the city.
  • Special Utrecht Indie Route and Le Mini Who?

Canadian Indie music going international

Le Guess Who? is a yearly music festival which started in 2007 and quickly rose to international acclaim with its excellent program and unique atmosphere. Founders Johan Gijsen and Bob van Heur both shared a fascination for the unique pop music scene in Montreal, Canada. With this shared love, they made plans of bringing that pop music environment and recreating that special feeling to Utrecht. Their plan was a resounding success and resulted in a dazzling repertoire of Canada's most exciting Indie acts: Broken Social Scene, Caribou and Hot Hot Heat to name a few.

Artistic and groundbreaking pop music

In the upcoming years, the program expanded beyond Canadian acts and brought in international indie gems to Tivoli, Ekko, dB's and other Utrecht music venues. With a focus on worldwide “artistic and groundbreaking pop music” the festival organizes a well-curated, almost perfect representation of today's most exciting Indie acts. Previous editions included American dream pop darlings Beach House, Swedish song-writer Tallest Man on Earth, Finnish electronic producer Huoratron and several innovative Dutch artists.

Utrecht Indie Route

In addition, the festival provides a platform for national and international creative initiatives. The “Utrecht Indie Route” guides festival-goers to the finest hidden places in the city. “Le Mini Who” brings together several Utrecht entrepreneurs and organizes freely-accessible music and art performances in various shops, boutiques, galleries and restaurants.

Follow the beat of the night, discover Utrecht's hidden corners and find yourself in the heart of the world's most charming Indie music paradise.

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