The Hague Half Marathon -

The Hague Half Marathon

7 Mar 2021, The Hague

Every year, The Hague organises the half-marathon, an event that draws thousands of enthusiastic walkers and also has plenty other amusements to offer.

  • Over 26,000 participants each year come to The Hague to take part in the annual half-marathon and enjoy the scenic route.
  • Read more about the various courses for children and adults, amateurs and top-level athletes.
  • A truly sportive challenge.

The various categories

Elite athletes and recreational runners will come together in The Hague for annual The Hague half marathon (also known as the City-Pier-City). Over 26.000 participants will run in different categories, varying from a one-kilometer run for children to the half marathon with world class athletes.

The Course and Spectators

The course of The Hague half marathon leads you from the historical center to the beach of Scheveningen and back. This phenomenal run, which has led to world records in the past, is always viewed by thousands of cheering spectators. It’s without a doubt one of the best runs in the Netherlands.

The Hague Half Marathon

If you want add a physical and sporty challenge to your stay in Holland you should definitely sign up for The Hague Half Marathon. The starting and finishing lines are located a stone’s throw away from the train station. Another great plus are the excellent facilities, including drink stations, bag storage and changing rooms.

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