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Extreme sports in Holland

Holland is a wonderful country for those who love more extreme sports. Water sports, rappelling, karting, wall climbing or mudflat hiking – there are plenty of opportunities to do what you love. Indoor and outdoor, for young and old. So if you are in Holland and feel the need for an adrenalin rush, check out our selection of great venues for an afternoon of spectacular sports. Have fun and... don’t break a leg!

Rappelling down the Euromast

Everything for a kick: rappelling down the Euromast.


SnowWorld Zoetermeer

A total winter sports experience at SnowWorld in Zoetermeer.


Indoor skydiving

Indoor skydiving in Roosendaal, an exhilarating experience.


Parachute jumping on Texel

Parachute jumping over Texel, a spectacular experience!


Blokarting in IJmuiden aan Zee

Spectacular beach sailing in IJmuiden aan Zee.


Karting at Silverstone

Go karting at Silverstone for the real racing experience.


Mud flat walking

Mud walking is the most exciting way to explore the unique nature reserve, the Wadden Sea.