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The Netherlands has thousands of exceptional gardens, of which some are closed to the public for most of the year.
Botanical gardens

Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam

Discover more than 4,000 plant species at the Hortus Botanicus.

Sights to see

Three-Border Region

A warm welcome to the highest point of the Netherlands.

Botanical gardens

Hortus Haren

Discover the many colourful gardens at one of Holland’s oldest botanic gardens.

Gardens & Parks

Arboretum Notoarestoen

Visit this unique notary’s garden and admire the countless rare trees and plants.

Hands full of picked fresh fruit
Gardens & Parks

Zelfpluktuin Texel

Nothing beats picking your own fruit and flowers in the Zelfpluktuin (“pick-your-own garden”) in Texel. Come join us this summer and pick your own!


Gardens & Parks

Paleistuin park

Grab a picnic basket and find a spot amongst The Hague's inhabitants in Paleistuin park.

Gardens & Parks

Stadspark Haarlemmerhout

Go for a lovely walk through this centuries-old park in Haarlem.

Park Lepelenburg, Utrecht
Gardens & Parks

Park Lepelenburg

Park Lepelenburg is the ideal picnic spot within the canals of Utrecht. It is also a nice place to spend time on summery days.

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