The best shopping areas in the Netherlands -
Photo: © Iris van den Broek

Shopping in Holland

If you plan to visit one of the big cities in Holland, you are probably thinking of excellent museums, special architecture and good restaurants. In practice, however, many people like to fit in an afternoon of shopping as well. While one person likes fashion, shoes and jewellery, another loves art and design and yet another prefers literature and music. Fortunately Holland has countless special shops for each of them. And in many big cities, the shops are open on Sunday as well.

Shopping in Breda

Breda is a great city for shopping, with plenty of wonderful shops, trendy boutiques, and pleasant lunchrooms.


Shopping in Alkmaar

Go on a shopping spree in Alkmaar and discover the beautiful old inner city.


Shopping in Haarlem

Wander through the Gouden Straatjes and be amazed at the hundreds of lovely shopping addresses in Haarlem.

The best outlets in Holland


Batavia Stad

Shop for the best brands at the lowest prices here.

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Funshopping in Roermond

Shop till you drop in Roermond’s Designer Outlet.

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Relax after a day of shopping!

After a long day of shopping it's time to relax in one of Holland's many wellness facilities.

Practical information

Opening Hours

At what time do shops, banks and post offices open?

Money, ATMs & Tipping

Everything you need to know about the Dutch currency, ATM’s and tipping.


Tax Free shopping in Holland

VAT Tax Refund, Customs and Duty-free shopping for tourists.