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7 unique places to stay with kids

There’s nothing like an unusual setting to fire up the imagination. All across the Netherlands, you’ll find unique accommodations that will whisk your family into different worlds, from space-rocket-shaped bedrooms to Medieval villages. Experience Rotterdam’s maritime charm on a boat that’s been converted into a stylish hotel; see landmark eras of Dutch history at Archeon Museum Park in the province of Zuid-Holland; play sports and games at Hup in Eindhoven; stay in one of the quirkily themed rooms – think airplanes and fire trucks – at a bed-and-breakfast in Vlaardingen; or return to nature at a cottage in a forest near Deventer.

  • Stay at unique kid-friendly hotels in some of the Netherlands’ most stunning destinations.
  • See Rotterdam from the water on a private boat hotel.
  • Experience medieval life the Netherlands at an interactive ‘living history’ museum.

Archeon Museum Park

At Archeon Museum Park in Zuid-Holland, you can get up close and personal with Dutch history, jumping back to Prehistoric times, the Roman Empire and the Middle Ages. Paddle in a canoe, don the facepaint of a warrior, grill up prehistoric food, learn how to make a fire, march in the Roman legion, and revel in the rhythms of a bygone time. If the kids are having so much fun they don’t want to leave, you can stay the night at the medieval bed & breakfast, in the room of a shoemaker, weaver or carpenter.

De Vreemde Vogel

This boutique hotel, set on a picturesque plot of land in Vlaardingen, hTas 10 rooms, each one with a theme designed to spark the imagination. The kids will have a blast in the rocket-shaped space room, while the airplane-themed room will take their flights of fancy to new heights. If you manage to pry your little pilots out of the cabin, there are also many back-to-nature facilities at De Vreemde Vogel, including a farm, playground, swings and rowboats.

Cabin 01

Horse around at Cabin 01, a cottage that’s set in the woods just outside of Deventer. On this forest estate, you’ll meet two resident ponies, bunnies, bats, birds, squirrels, and all manner of feathered and furry friends. The acre of private land is linked to a network of hiking and biking trails that wind throughout a stunning landscape of lowland heaths. Take advantage of the cabin’s many al fresco dining nooks to spend every possible minute enjoying the outdoors.

Logeerboot Visithor

What better way to experience the port destination of Rotterdam than aboard a beautiful boat docked in the heart of the city? Inside the Visithor, there are two well-appointed apartments with nicely stocked kitchenettes and all the modern amenities. From the deck of its terrace, you have a view of the city and the historic ships afloat in the harbour of the Maritime Museum. It will be a swashbuckling adventure for sea dogs young and old. 


You’ll find two football fields worth of sports and games spread across HUP hotel in Eindhoven. There is never a dull moment with a 10-lane bowling alley, squash courts, indoor mini-golf, a golf simulator, and interactive Sutu wall soccer, offering ample diversions for even the most high-energy families. If you’d prefer to take a steam while your kids blow off steam, there are also saunas, whirlpools and a health spa – and since free childcare is offered to hotel guests, you can relax and focus on you.

Marine Cabin Rotterdam

The Dutch Design Award-winning custom-built Marine Cabine Rotterdam has style points to spare. It is moored at a private dock right in the centre of Rotterdam. The modern cabins offer 60 square meters of living space with a 40-square-meter rooftop sundeck, which provides a view of the city that’s just as striking by moonlight. The children will love the maritime amusements, like climbing in and out of the hatches, while the grown-ups will appreciate all the luxury touches of a fireplace, Emma mattresses, anti-allergic Auping quilts and a rain shower.

Landgoed Volenbeek

Nestled within the beautiful Veluwe forest in Gelderland, known for its varied and vibrant landscapes, Landgoed Volenbeek is a rustic 150-year-old thatched house on a working dairy farm with conveinances including hots tubs, a pizza oven, playgrounds and shops. Gather fresh eggs each morning for a taste of the simple life, then add a bit of culture to the itinerary with a trip to the nearby Kruller Muller museums. Its impressive collections of Van Goghs, Gauguins and Picassos make it one of the country’s most exciting hidden gems.

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