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Visit a zoo and see the new borns

Just say you are doing it for the children although you will certainly have a great time, too! Holland’s many zoos and wildlife parks are beautiful, educational  and – especially in spring – full of new life.

  • Admire the giant pandas at Ouwehands Dierenpark.
  • Explore Artis in Amsterdam: the oldest zoo in Holland.
  • Take a safari and enjoy the wild creatures in Holland.
Spring in Holland is the perfect time for a visit with children. The sun comes out more often, the beaches start filling up and nature shows a bright new face. This can be seen very clearly in Holland’s many beautiful zoos. Here, too, life is renewed. Some animals awaken from hibernation and others emerge from their eggs.

Artis Amsterdam

Why not visit Artis in Amsterdam, the oldest zoo in Holland. In addition to its beautiful aquarium, a planetarium and zoological museum, this zoo boasts many animals that have babies this time of the year. The zoo also organises many events each spring, from theatre and music to lectures. Both you and the children will have a great time!

...and many other zoos and safari parks

Holland has many other zoos and safari parks, however. One of them is 'Diergaarde Blijdorp' in Rotterdam with its Sumatra tigers and famous gorilla Bokito. Or Dierenpark Emmen, GAIAZoo in Limburg or Beekse Bergen, which offers a real safari experience by car.

Birds, butterflies and fish

In addition to these big zoos, there are many specialised parks as well. We have lovely aquariums like Sea Life Scheveningen or the Sea Aquarium in Bergen aan Zee, a wonderful dolphinarium in Harderwijk and a broad range of bird and butterfly gardens showing off the most extraordinary species. All are wonderful places to visit with your children, particularly in spring.

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