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The Wadden tidal flats and the North Sea are wonderful pieces of nature that we need to take good care of. The Ecomare center on Texel shows you that beauty through a number of exhibitions as well as by means of the creatures that live there: seals and birds.

  • Discover the nature of the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site.
  • See how the seals and other animals at the Zeeaquarium are fed.
  • Join an excursion to the dunes or tidal flats.
Ruijslaan 92
1796AZ De Koog
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Seal sanctuary

At the Ecomare Seal Sanctuary, some 80 to 100 sick and weak young seals are nursed back to health every year. You can see the entire sanctuary process. A seal that has just been brought in is quarantined in a warm space. Animals that are almost ready to return to sea swim around in the group basin.

Birds at Ecomare

The birds are struggling now, but they will be happy once all of the oil has been removed from their feathers. You can see how that works at the bird sanctuary. Ecomare welcomes not just oil-smeared birds, but sick or wounded birds as well, and nurses them back to health. All of the birds are released back into the wild after a while.

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