Top 3 sport venues in Amsterdam


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Holland is known as a nation that loves sports. You can tell by the number of athletes, the perfect sports facilities, and the number of impressive stadiums. The Dutch capital of Amsterdam in particular boasts several big stadiums, some of which have a grand past… but they all have a big future.

The Olympic Stadium

The Olympic Stadium in the Amsterdam Zuid district is without a doubt the most famous stadium in the capital. This historic building, for which the architect Jan Wils even received an Olympic medal, is still a monument to athletes of all levels. The Olympic Flame was lit in this stadium in 1928, and it is still being used today.

 The fact that it still sees intensive use is thanks to the fact that it was thoroughly renovated around the year 2000 to make sure it would live up to modern expectations. And it does – so much so that it has been chosen to host the European Athletics Championships in 2016. And, in keeping with the Olympic spirit, the Olympic Stadium is not just used for top sports events but also as a training facility and for such events as the annual walker run.

  • Capacity: 22,000
  • Used for: sports events, feasts/commemorations
  • Address: Olympisch Stadion 2, 106 DE  Amsterdam
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Amsterdam Arena

The Amsterdam Arena, home to well-known football club Ajax, can be found just outside Amsterdam’s historic centre.  It is a special stadium in many ways. At its opening in 1996 it was the first European football stadium with a movable roof and it remains a hyper-modern stadium in 2015, not least because it is fully CO2-neutral.

Naturally, Ajax’s home matches are played at this stadium, but it also hosted the Champions League finals in 1998 and was part of Euro 2000, the European championships jointly organised by Belgium and Holland. In addition to famous football players, legends like Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones and U2 also transported their audiences here.

  • Capacity: 53.500
  • Used for: sports events, music concerts, parties
  • Adress: ArenA Boulevard 1, 1101 AX  Amsterdam
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Ziggo Dome

Just a stone’s throw away from the Amsterdam Arena you will find another famous stadium, the Ziggo Dome. This state-of-the-art indoor facility is used for a range of big sports events and huge music concerts. The Ziggo Dome can accommodate over 15,000 fans. Its exterior walls are studded with 90,000 LED lights, enabling huge projections. All this makes the Ziggo Dome another spectacular stadium, which is easy to reach from Amsterdam’s city centre!

  • Capacity: 15,000
  • Used for: sports events, music concerts, parties
  • Address: De Passage 100, 1101 AX  Amsterdam
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