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Denise Kortlever, Wednesday, April 24, 2013 , 209 Views

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In spring and summer, food lovers may have a hard time deciding which festival to visit since there is a huge number of culinary events. The oldest and biggest Dutch culinary festival is Preuvenemint in Maastricht (22-25 August) and the international Taste festival in Amsterdam (6-9 June), where restaurants present their signature dishes. It has an excellent track record. Rollende Keukens (Rolling Kitchens, 9-12 May) is relatively new with a large variety of extraordinary mobile stands and food trucks, drawing the young and hip crowd. And these are just three examples.

These culinary festivals draw attention to small, enthusiastic producers. Going to such an event is an excellent way to try new flavours and dishes and meet the makers, discovering the stories behind their products. Naturally it is also simply a very good excuse to go out, have a drink and enjoy yourself. Food is a social thing, something we like to share, and a festival is the best place to do that. The growing popularity of culinary festivals may be due to the renewed general interest in food and cooking. Another reason is the fact that people increasingly want to eat that what has been honestly produced on a small scale.

The Food Line-up is a great concept that really gets this trend. The organisers serve ‘real food’ at events and festivals, meaning food that was made with care and attention, instead of the junk food that used to be served at most of these events. Founder Lotte Wouters firmly believes that our current production and consumption methods are unrealistic. She feels we have lost the knowledge to give food the real attention it so richly deserves. As a result the Food Line-up is trying to change people’s mindset by serving tasty and sustainable food at events, subtly providing background information and creating a good, positive mood. The organisation works with a large group of caterers ranging from food trucks with ‘smokin’ hot’ barbecue dishes to authentic Indonesian satay and from made-to-order spring rolls to eco smoothies. The concept has been successful since the beginning. It seems that people simply really enjoy good food and it makes a significant positive contribution to the atmosphere at a music festival or event.

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Enjoy the flavourful party