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Antiques, bric-a-brac and books in Delft on Thursdays and Saturdays (April 12th - October 13th). The Albert Cuypmarkt, the Flower Market and the Waterlooplein Flea Market in Amsterdam. Tuesday and Saturdays in Rotterdam. The Haagse Markt in The Hague.

Markets. There are plenty of them all over the Netherlands. Whether you are looking for fresh produce, exotic spices or someone else’s treasures - you’ll be able to find it. But there is one place in the Netherlands that has it all in one place. A location well known to locals but a little less familiar to tourists.

De Bazaar in Beverwijk

In existence since September 1980, De Bazaar has grown to become Europe’s largest covered market. After spending the day there, here are my top tips.

  • Opening Days: De Bazaar is open every Saturday and Sunday from 08:30 am to 6:00 pm. A small section of Hall 30 is also open on Fridays, as well as many of the nail studios there.
  • Parking: There is plenty of it and at 3 Euros per car, it is also pretty cheap. However, don’t forget where you parked - not only where in the car park but also which car park, as there are several. You will need to purchase your exit card from one of the machines before you leave.
  • Hand Stamp: It is possible that you will need to go in and out of the main grounds. Perhaps to put things in your car or just to get to one of the more outer parts of the market. To ensure you don’t have to pay the entry price again, make sure you get your hand stamped. This is available at any of the exits.
  • Small Change: It is handy to have some small change in your wallet, especially if you want to use the toilet facilities as these have a small fee.
  • Map: Once inside it is easy to find the market a bit disorientating. There are maps available at the entrance and around the market. You might want to grab one.
  • Cash: At most of the stands you will need to pay with cash. While a small number do accept cards, cash is king here. ATMs are found throughout the market but there are often long lines to use them.
  • Eat: Make sure you grab something to eat at one of the many food stands. The food is one of the market’s highlights.
  • Oosterse Markt: Don’t miss the large building that contains the Eastern Market for a mix of cultures and goodies.
  • Oriental Supermarket: The Oriental Supermarket is a great place to stock up on oriental products and find some international ones.
  • Room for Your Purchases: Whether you come by car or public transport make sure you have room for your purchases. Especially if you decide to buy one of the gigantic model animals.

De Bazaar
Montageweg 35
1948 PH Beverwijk

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