Fancy some Dutch cheese?

Ulrike Grafberger, Monday, June 10, 2013 , 2,504 Views

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It’s very easy for us in Holland. If we have a craving for a piece of cheese, we simply walk into one of the many kaaswinkels (cheese shops), where rounds of Gouda tower up to the ceiling and there’s a lovely smell of cheese. Here we stock up on oude kaas (old cheese), buy a small round of boerenkaas (farmhouse cheese) and nibble the cheese cubes on display to check what they taste like. But what do you do if you get an insatiable craving for Dutch cheese when you’re in Berlin, London or Kopenhagen?

The answer is simple: order the cheese of your choice online and have it delivered straight to your front door from Holland. Better still, from the Gouda Cheese Shop!  You can order delicious Gouda at all stages of maturity, farmhouse cheese, Beemster cheese, Old Amsterdam, Friesian clove cheese, caraway cheese and a lot of other types of cheese very easily from this cheese producer near Gouda. Even stroopwafels  (syrup waffles) and genuine Dutch cheese slicers are only one click away. Furthermore, a price comparison has revealed that the cheese from the Gouda Cheese Shop is no more expensive than the prices charged by Dutch supermarkets, and tastes all the better for it. I tested my order from the Gouda Cheese Shop together with diehard Dutch cheese connoisseurs. The verdict was unanimous: this cheese is in a class of its own.

This is because the cheese comes from a family-run business that has been producing cheese according to age-old traditions since 1970 and then sells it on the markets of Flevoland. The company started an online delivery service a few years ago, which even cheese fans overseas are eager to use. To ensure that the cheese stays fresh, it is only cut on the day it is ordered, then vacuum packed and - in the summer months - dispatched with a  freezer pack. A few days later, a delicious piece of Holland lands on your table.

And here are a few more cheese tips from Dutch insiders:

1) The perfect accompaniment

The Dutch prefer to eat their cheese with mustard and pickles. In other words, with (Amsterdam) silver-skin onions, gherkins and (coarse) mustard. The sweet combinations with fig puree or dried apricots are also very popular.

2) The best drink

My pal Peter from the drinks shop round the corner says: “A korenwijn (corn wine) or a humble gin has the most subtle taste. If you prefer something a little less strong, choose a Dutch beer such as Hertog Jan to accompany the Gouda. But wine goes with it, too, of course.”

3) The perfect temperature

Walter Peters from the Gouda Cheese Shop recommends taking the cheese out of the refrigerator half an hour before it is to be eaten to allow it to reach room temperature. When doing this, the cheese should not be opened, but kept wrapped.

Now you have all the information you need, all that remains is to buy mustard, gherkins and beer and click through to the Gouda Cheese Shop. They deliver world wide- the shipping costs are very reasonable. And even the website is in English: