FEBO: A Snack From the Wall

Heather Tucker, Friday, August 2, 2013 , 5,153 Views

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A trip to the Netherlands is not complete without eating a few specific food items. Stroopwafels, bitterballen and friet with mayo are all Dutch culinary experiences worth trying. But there is one food phenomenon that is a must, not so much for the food itself, but rather for the experience.


In 1941 FEBO, under the name Maison FEBO, was registered as a bread and cake shop with the Chamber of Commerce. A few years later, the bakery part of the venture was closed and turned into a kitchen. The shop was turned into an automat.

It is this automat that makes FEBO a must on many tourists’s to do list.

Your adventure with FEBO starts with finding one. With around 60 shops in the Netherlands and more than 20 in Amsterdam alone, this is not too hard. And the distinctive red and yellow colours make it even easier.

Then you need some change. Luckily you don’t need to scramble around in your pocket as most FEBO’s have a change dispenser mounted on the wall. How much change you will need depends on how much and what you are buying but anywhere from two to five Euros should be enough.

Next up you head to the wall. Row upon row of small rectangular boxes with glass windows displays each item to you. Will you go for the frikadel (also known as a frikandel), the kroket or will you splurge a little on the Dutch favourite – the broodje kroket? Either way, select the column that your item is in and insert your money. Press the button next to the item you have set your heart on and the door will open allowing you to grab your warm item from inside.

It doesn’t get much faster than that.

For those individuals looking for a drink or some fries to go with their hot snack, a trip to the counter will allow you to purchase your extra items.

So even if you don’t want to eat the FEBO snack, buy one for a friend just so you have the opportunity to try out the snack wall.

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FEBO: A Snack From the Wall