Grooming is booming

Denise Mosbach, Thursday, February 14, 2013 , 554 Views

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It all started in the nineties and like many trends, this one also originated from the United States. Where men used to be the laughing stock if they cared too much about their appearance, from that moment on they became trendsetters. Grooming was booming and quickly caught on in Europe and became much more than just a trend. It evolved into a lifestyle and these days all self-respecting skin-care, perfume and beauty brands have their own product line for men. The best, most unique and special brands can all be found under one roof at Skins Cosmetics. Skins Cosmetics stores can be found in the chic Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam and in the luxury Bijenkorf department store in Rotterdam.

But it wasn’t just shops that started promoting male skin-care products. Before long, salons for men arrived in the Netherland with ManMAN pioneering in Amsterdam. “At first, the trend was to be extremely well-groomed with no hair anywhere. Nowadays we’ve struck more of a balance and hair is no longer frowned upon”, explains Eefje van der Pol, owner of ManMAN. This is reflected in the fact that the beard has made a total comeback (properly groomed and well-trimmed, that is)! Eefje started her salon five years ago, not just because she caught on to the trend, but also because to her, it made perfect sense that the male skin also needed looking after. ManMAN is a real men’s shop where you can get yourself pampered whilst visiting Amsterdam.

Another grooming business is the barbershop and they are spreading wild even more than salons. Rotterdam boasts the New York Barbershop, based in Hotel New York. With its retro design and stylish old-school barber chairs, you can enjoy an Italian espresso whilst having your hair cut or getting a shave from the skilled ‘groomers’ (or both). So if you are going to Rotterdam, do it in style: stay at Hotel New York and visit the barbershop for the perfect shave.

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Grooming is booming