I want to ride my bicycle

Denise Mosbach, Monday, May 27, 2013 , 934 Views

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Most tourists who rent a bicycle do so in Amsterdam. Admittedly, cycling along the Amsterdam canals is a great experience. However, our country has many more extraordinary bicycle itineraries to offer.

My first tip is a ride along the Vecht river. This typically Dutch waterway begins at Utrecht and flows into the IJ near Amsterdam. If you think this is a city tour, you are mistaken. The itinerary takes you past peaceful meadows, lakes and imposing castles. And our famous windmills, of course, including several authentic ones. I really liked this itinerary, which covers a distance of some 30 km and has plenty of welcoming restaurants along the way.

However, I’ve recently also taken up semi-professional cycling. In the province of Limburg, which boasts a number of challenging hills. Little wonder that our national cyclists like to train here. Furthermore, Limburg is one of the most beautiful provinces in Holland! The internet guided me to the Eleven Hills itinerary, a serious ride through the south of Limburg that has you climbing all of the serious Dutch cols. It starts in the village of Klimmen (climbing), which should have warned me. It was a hard 65 kilometres… In other words, real fun for expert cyclists.

A ride through our flower-bulb region is less of an exercise and much more fun for most of us. Buy a bouquet of flowers anywhere in the world and chances are it came from Holland. Several itineraries take you right through the flower-bulb fields. In spring you can enjoy a breathtaking panorama, with fields full of flowers in extraordinary colours.

Last but not least, there is one quintessentially Dutch itinerary that I want to tell you about: a ride on the Dutch dikes. Without them, Holland would be flooded. Waterland is the appropriate name for the area just north of Amsterdam. The ride across the Markermeer dyke makes me supremely happy, with a view of Marken island to one side and the extensive breeding bird habitats further inland. Start your tour in Broek in Waterland and you will never want to get off your bike again…

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I want to ride my bicycle