LED the music play!

Marloes Tervoort, Friday, May 9, 2014 , 423 Views

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I love going out. A nice meal, having a drink at the bar, seeing exhibitions, enjoying a play in the theatre. I enjoys concerts too, but like a real Dutch woman, I prefer the venues with a cosy atmosphere. That’s why I like the capital’s pop temple Paradiso, or the intimate Bitterzoet, where you can almost reach out and touch the artist.

The Ziggo Dome however, is a concrete concert colossus for 17,000 people, situated in a part of the city you would not really call cosy. When my friend L. asked me if I wanted to join her on one of the first major international shows in the ‘dome’, I wasn’t filled with enthusiasm. Yes, I love Pearl Jam. Youthful nostalgia; I was reminded of long-haired boyfriends and my first nights out. But reliving my adolescence with thousands of others? I wasn’t sure... L. went without me. Her report was full of nothing but praise. It was amazing: the acoustics, the space! And Eddie Vedder... sigh. Yeah, you really missed out on a unique concert. The newspaper headlines only rubbed salt into the wound.

A few weeks later I bumped into an old acquaintance. He told me about his new job in... Ziggo Dome. It’s fantastic there, he said. And the stars all seem to agree. After her first concert sold out rapidly, Madonna booked another, which also sold out. According to my fellow journalists, George Michael gave a ‘magical’ performance, having ‘finally’ found a worthy stage in Amsterdam.

My acquaintance asked if I knew that there were 120 000 LED bulbs on the outside of the sharply-designed Black Box, as the building’s called? And that in the footsteps of Madonna and George Michael, they have also booked Radiohead, Lady Gaga and Sting? And that if it all got too busy for me, I could relax in Club Ziggo, or dine first in restaurant BEAT?
I now have tickets for P!nk at the Ziggo Dome. The idea just needed some getting used to, okay?

Ziggo Dome, De Passage 100, Amsterdam

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LED the music play!