Let’s go outside!

Denise Mosbach, Wednesday, May 15, 2013 , 332 Views

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Just to warm up, I pick something with low impact: jeu de boules. Every big city has a charming little court somewhere, but my favourite is the court on Museumplein square in Amsterdam. This is the large green square surrounded by three of our most well-known museums: Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh and Stedelijk Museum. If you feel like having a game but didn’t bring the metal balls along in your suitcase, go to local café Cobra and ask for their set of jeu de boules balls!

Chess is another not very physically active but very fun outdoor activity. Yes, outdoor! The giant chessboard on Max Euweplein square is the ultimate gathering spot for chess enthusiasts. No matter what kind of weather it is, it is always crowded with both chess players and their audience. Max Euwe was the only Dutch world chess champion ever, hence the name. There is even a real chess museum on the square.

If you go for a tour of our cities, you can spot them in the parks from miles away: groups of ‘boot campers’, a hugely popular sport among city dwellers. I myself teach boot camp classes at The Bootcamp Club, the organisation that introduced boot camp training in Holland. It is a great sport for the city: a combination of cardio exercises and power training.

An annual phenomenon in Amsterdam is the Vondelpark Open: a golf tournament in the most beautiful park in Holland! For one day every year, runners and sun lovers make way for an 18-hole golf course. Participants pay a hefty entry fee but the tournament’s profits go entirely to park conservation. The tournament is fun, even if you don’t like golf, because you can still enjoy the live music and excellent drinks.

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Let’s go outside!