Living for live music

Candy Dulfer , Tuesday, March 5, 2013 , 264 Views

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Some artists prefer to lock themselves in a studio when they record a CD. They shy away from the stage and appear to be somewhat afraid of making mistakes. I personally think there’s no substitute for playing live as it simply doesn’t get more real than that. Even the smallest mistakes are noticed but that’s fine. I sometimes even hope that things go wrong because that’s when the fun starts; I simply love spontaneity and improvising. Musicians can sense when they truly connect with their audience and I therefore don’t like playing at venues where the lights are dimmed; I want to see their faces and gauge their reactions.

I try to go to as many performances as possible because I like seeing musicians play live. In addition, it is a great way of spotting artists I could potentially work with. One of my favourite venues is Jazzcafé Bar Alto in Amsterdam. They have live music every evening and on Wednesdays my father Hans Dulfer takes to the stage. The atmosphere is always great; people are cheering and the audience is a mixture of locals, tourists and expats.

Another place I frequently visit is Club Dauphine on the Bernhardplein. Here, you can listen to fine artists and have a great meal at the same time. This venue was inspired by the Blue Note Club and offers top-level entertainment. It's just that little more cosmopolitan and luxurious.

Those wanting to discover the local Amsterdam music scene should go to the Badcuyp at the Albert Cuypstraat. And on Monday nights, Acadamy of Music students can be spotted jamming at Nel’s at the Amstelveld. All in all, plenty of opportunity for a swinging night out in Amsterdam!

About Candy Dulfer

Saxophone player Candy Dulfer has been performing since she was 7 and is a born artist. She has worked with big names like Prince, Beyoncé, Van Morrison, Aretha Franklin and Angie Stone, has various award-winning albums to her name and gets on stage whenever she can.

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Living for live music