Milk and sugar?

Denise Kortlever, Friday, November 21, 2014 , 521 Views

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While the Dutch can’t imagine a day without their regular shots of caffeine in the office or at home, having a coffee somewhere else is something they do less often. Only thirty percent of the coffee in the Netherlands is being consumed out of home, a lot less than in other countries.

However, times are changing and the Dutch seem to be increasingly embracing the to-go culture. Dutch streets are more and more inhabited by people enjoying their ‘triple soy caramel latte’.  The most exotic varieties are now widely available through popular franchises like the Coffee Company which is expanding rapidly with locations in most Dutch cities. The long-expected arrival of coffee giant Starbucks in 2007, promised serious competition for the Dutch chain, but even though Starbucks opened its largest store in Amsterdam, the Coffee Company still is the biggest player on the Dutch market. Especially since Sarah Lee (Douwe Egberts) took over the Dutch chain and now owns about thirty percent of the coffee market.

In contrast with the concept of fast take-away coffee, the popularity of slow coffee is increasing. This traditional filter coffee (a trend that originated from the United States) is delicate and made with freshly roasted coffee beans that have all the time to mildly flavour the hot water. Subtle flavoured, aromatic coffee is the result. Local coffee shops like Two for Joy, Screaming Beans (both in Amsterdam) and Breggen (Rotterdam) are known for their slow coffees, but the larger coffee chains seem to welcome the slow trend as well. Starbucks’ trendy designed concept store (The Bank) even has a special ‘slow coffee theatre’ and wants to make drinking coffee a true experience. It seems as if the Dutch want to take their time for a good cup of coffee after all.

Two for Joy, Haarlemmerdijk 182 and Frederiksplein 29, Amsterdam
Screaming Beans, Eerste Constantijn Huygensstraat 35 and Hartenstraat 12, Amsterdam
Breggen, Goudsesingel 39, Rotterdam
The Bank Starbucks, Rembrandtplein, Amsterdam

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Milk and sugar?