Partying for freedom

Marloes Tervoort, Wednesday, April 24, 2013 , 304 Views

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On Liberation Day (Bevrijdingsdag) Holland celebrates the end of WWII on 5 May 1945. Even though some people wonder if we should still be commemorating this event, I believe that you simply can never spend too much time considering the freedom in which we live. It came at a price.

In addition to this beautiful thought, Liberation Day is also an occasion for great parties. The free Liberation festivals that are held throughout the country always offer excellent artists. And they usually fall on one of the first nicer spring days, less than a week after the wonderful Queen’s Day festivities. I cherish good memories of these festivals. I usually go to the event in Haarlem, where I saw great Dutch artists like Junkie XL, Anouk and Kane. In 1993 I was even lucky enough to see the rising star Radiohead.

In recent years I have also come to love the Liberation Concert that is organised at night on the Amstel river in Amsterdam, near the Carré theatre. While the Liberation festivals are about pop music and a relaxed mood, the Liberation Concert is of a slightly more formal nature. In part, perhaps, due to the fact that Queen Beatrix always attends. Classical music if performed in a beautiful setting along and on the water. During the impressive concert finale, the King traditionally departs to the sound of We’ll meet again.

And the same holds true for me. I will definitely be there next year, because it is just too important. And so much fun, of course. We’ll meet again!

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Partying for freedom