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During the classical age, a man won the heart of a woman by adorning her with jewels. A woman dripping in jewels was good for male prestige. There is no need for this sort of persuasion in the year 2015. Women decide for themselves who they want to be with. And they happily search out jewellery for themselves, too. Jewellery has to be authentic and suit a woman’s looks and personality.

The Netherlands has a number of unique jewellery designers, who make custom-designed items. Anneke Krull for example, works as an art director for fashion glossies and is fascinated by pearls. “They are beautiful, refined and have a certain mystique.” Rocking Pearls is the name of her label and the range consists of long hand strung strings of white, grey or black fresh water pearls, with a charm pendant such as a Buddha made of jade, agate, onyx or amethyst. The Coco is a very fashionable string of pearls made from black-white pearls with an elegant tassel attached. From €45.

The former fashion stylist Mirjam de Haan’s designs are eclectic and fashionable. For her Mir Jewellery collection, she collaborates with silversmiths in Bali and India. She regularly travels to these countries to source materials for her designs. There are two lines: the Unique Pieces series consists of wide strings of precious stones and necklaces with exotic pendants, plus the pearl collection. Nothing too fussy and also still affordable.

Or do you prefer something a bit more eccentric? If so, why not get to know Bibi van der Velden’s designs. This sculptress has a weakness for antique curiosities: charms, coins, lace. She turns them into pieces of jewellery, which she mixes with ivory, precious stones, gold, silver, diamonds and shells. She sources these during her travels to Asia amongst other countries. She calls her jewels Wearable Works of Art. Her artistic creations are a hit with celebrities. Frederique van der Wal, Kanye and Sylvie van der Vaart wear her designs. In 2009 she expanded her label with the much talked-about Mammoth collection, where she took parts of a 40,000 year old Siberian mammoth tooth and worked them into rings consisting of dragons, snakes and crocodiles filled with precious stones, gold and pearls. She has also launched her own prêt-à-porter collection which consists of accessible and affordable pieces of jewellery made of silver with a combination of pearls, diamonds or half-precious stones. It can be purchased from her online store. Polderglamour is made for and by women with personality and taste. And men who want to show off.


Jewellery by Bibi van der Velden can be purchased from:
Cowboys 2 Catwalk, Utrechtsestraat 107, Amsterdam
Steltman, Plaats 26, The Hague

Mir Jewellery can be purchased from:
BonBon boutique at Trunk, Rosmarijnsteeg 12, Amsterdam
Westside, Verwerstraat 19, Den Bosch

Anneke Krull sells her jewellery exclusively online at Rockingpearls.nl

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