Together we eat

Denise Kortlever, Monday, July 29, 2013 , 269 Views

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We are connected with the entire world through internet and social media. But at the same time, people seem to be increasingly pursuing personal, ‘real’ contact. We want to truly get to know our neighbours, have meals with inspiring new people, and taste the best of other cultures. Sharing food with others may be the ultimate way to connect.

In spring and in summer, ‘Buitengewoon in het land’ serves a five-course sharing meal at long tables (roughly seventy seats) in the middle of a field or a vineyard. The food is prepared with seasonal products from local producers and the location is only revealed at the very last-minute. Your table companions and what food you’ll be enjoying is also kept a secret. The ultimate goal is to create memorable gatherings through meeting new people, talking with passionate producers and truly understanding the background of your food.

‘Lovefood’ organises popular pop-up brunches at secret locations in Amsterdam and set up its headquarters in the city last summer. Founder Jason Hartley believes that some dishes are emotionally connected to us and that cultural variations within those dishes often feel familiar. At the weekend, Lovefood HQ offers an extensive, highly-praised brunch menu with dishes like ‘The Beast’ (English breakfast with homemade sausage and hand-cured Dutch bacon) and ‘Yancakes’ (fluffy pancakes with blueberry compote and maple syrup). You and your loved ones can finish off the week with a traditional English Sunday Roast.

There are also more and more Dutch concepts that give people the opportunity to enjoy meals created by others and share their own cooking skills. Examples are online market places such as ‘Thuisafgehaald’, where people can offer their homemade food to neighbours. This ensures less waste, gets people to experience new dishes and generates more local interaction. Sharing is caring, especially if it tastes good!

Lovefood HQ, Koggestraat 1, Amsterdam

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Together we eat