Trendy Chicken

Denise Kortlever, Thursday, April 2, 2015 , 543 Views

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The trend started in the United States and it seems that the roast chicken has also conquered the Dutch restaurant menu. Before the advent of this culinary trend, chicken was often considered boring, cheap and the preferred dish of those on a diet or with fussy children. But then the trendy restaurants arrived on the scene, like Nomad in New York with their roast chicken with foie gras and truffle, and the Chicken Shop in London that serves only roast chicken as its main course. Suddenly roast chicken became a real culinary highlight, a dish that allows chefs to demonstrate their skills. It is the perfect example of the comfort food we all long for. It is also a good example of ‘social eating’ since a chicken is so easily shared. Moreover it is relatively low cost, which is good for restaurant owners as well as guests on a low budget who still want to eat well.

Another factor that probably contributed to the popularity of chicken is the increasing focus on sustainably reared chicken. The roast chicken gracing the table today is of excellent quality, not just because of the way it has been prepared but also because of how it was reared. Free range chickens that have lived a good life simply taste better than factory-farmed poultry.

Roast chicken has now found its way onto the menu of many popular restaurants in Holland. Hotspots like Rijsel and De Bierfabriek (both in Amsterdam) or Radio Royaal (in Eindhoven) are known for their roast chicken. I should also mention the famous poussin prepared by the rotisserie at hotel De Goudfazant in Amsterdam, a restaurant that - as we now realise - was years ahead of its competitors.

Rotisserie Rijsel, Marcusstraat 52b, Amsterdam
De Bierfabriek, Rokin 75 & Nes 92, Amsterdam
Radio Royaal, Ketelhuisplein 10, Eindhoven
Hotel De Goudfazant, Aambeeldstraat 10H, Amsterdam

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Trendy Chicken