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Holland.com. Book with the experts

Holland.com believes in specialists rather than generalists. In other words: every man to his trade! For while we are specialists where it concerns information and inspiration relating to Holland, our partners are much better at providing accommodations and arranging attractively priced tickets for the best attractions.

That is why we like to collaborate with partners that have their own expertise. We offer holiday homes in collaboration with Belvilla, for instance, and hotel rooms in partnership with Booking.com.

  • Choose from over 1650 holiday homes.
  • Hotels and holiday homes throughout Holland.
  • Book safely and directly online.
  • Book now, pay later.

Attractively priced entry tickets

In collaboration with Holland Factory, we offer online entry tickets for a large number of top attractions and museums in Holland. The advantage of buying these online tickets in advance is that you will be able to avoid standing in line. Plus you’ll benefit from significant discounts when buying two or more tickets at our ticket shop. 

"Book a holiday home with Holland.com to enjoy your stay in an environment that has something to offer every time of the day."

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