Cycling Holidays

Cycle through Holland and discover its beautiful landscape, historic cities and unique sights like its windmills and bulb fields. Start in Amsterdam or another Dutch city and ride through impressive polder landscapes or along the sweeping coast to experience Holland's beauty in a unique fashion. We offer many varied cycling holidays through Holland, which you can book right away right here.

The most popular cycling holidays

A cycling holiday through Holland Holland's most characteristic mode of transportation is the bicycle, and by bicycle is therefore the best way to discover Holland. Cycle past the Dutch coast, or circle IJsselmeer lake and take advantage of the opportunity to go sailing as well. It's also a great way to discover and explore Holland's sights and landmarks.

On the road in Holland, without a worry or a care

That's exactly what the cycling holidays we offer mean. Bring your own bicycle or rent a regular or electric bike on the spot, and you're off! Your journey will take you along the coast or through Holland's famous polder landscapes, on the way to captivating Dutch Hanseatic League towns and idyllic fishing villages. Accommodations, breakfast and route descriptions are all taken care of for you. Some tours, such as the Tulip Tour, even include dinner on board.

Combined cycling holidays

Our large range of cycling holidays in Holland also includes many holidays that combine cycling with other activities, e.g. cycling and sailing or cycling and boating, making for a holiday where every day is different and you discover Holland both on land and from its waters.

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