Boat Bike Tours

Unique Bike and Barge holidays

Boat Bike Tours offers full-service bike/boat holidays in Holland and Flanders, and many other countries in Europe. Boat Bike Tours draws guests from around the world with its unique concept, in which the guests spend a week aboard a comfortable passenger barge. During the day, the guests visit numerous attractions on their bicycles while the ship sails on to the next port. Both the sailing and cycling routes run past beautiful and often historic sites, making for new experiences and new environments every day. An additional great advantage is that the guests have the luxury of sleeping in the same comfortable bed every night, meaning that there is no need for them to pack, unpack, or lug their luggage around every day. And if anyone doesn’t feel like cycling on a day, they can simply remain aboard and relax as the ship calmly sails to the next port of call. When not in use, the bicycles are simply parked on the deck. All tours are offered on full board basis.

  • More than 70 bike and barge trips in 15 European countries.
  • Cycling trips with skilled tour guides or individually.
  • Many positive and enthusiastic customer reviews on our website.
  • Great quality trips, bikes and e-bikes: a unique experience at a fair price.