Cycling holiday: Hanseatic Route -

Cycling holiday: Hanseatic Route

Cycle through the vales of the IJssel river and visit the many beautiful medieval Hanseatic cities. Doesburg, Deventer, Zwolle and Zutphen are cities that clearly reflect the region’s rich trading history. You will see the old city walls and richly decorated merchant houses and enjoy beautiful natural landscapes along the way. In the evening, a delicious dinner will be served on board the ship, where you will also spend the night. And if you prefer to rest for a day, you can relax and do the tour aboard the ship.

  • Starting point: Amsterdam, final destination: Amsterdam.
  • Discover the beautiful Hanseatic cities around the IJssel river and enjoy authentic fishermen’s villages.
  • Enjoy the night, breakfast and dinner on board a fantastic ship with this all-in package.

8 days, price starts at €649

All aboard!

Your journey will start in bustling Amsterdam. From here, you will travel to several big and smaller Hanseatic cities (such as Arnhem, Deventer, Zutphen, Kampen, Harderwijk and Elburg) by bicycle and ship. The natural beauty of the Rhine valley and its enchanting branch, the IJssel river, are certain to make for a memorable experience!

Hanseatic cities and fishermen’s villages

The route will take you to several Hanseatic cities with their unique history. The region flourished in the Middle Ages when the Rhine and IJssel rivers were the main trading routes in Europe. Many of the cities along the rivers belonged to the Hanseatic League of cities in Holland, Germany, and the rest of Northern Europe. The wealth of those years is still visible in the decorative architecture of both residences and religious buildings.

The route does not focus on Hanseatic cities exclusively, you will also see the IJsselmeer and many beautiful fishermen’s villages along the coast. In towns like Harderwijk, Bunschoten and Spakenburg time seems to have stood still; you will see people in traditional costumes. Cycle through forested areas and typically Dutch polder landscapes, and see wonderful castles. The flat area of the 125km IJssel Valley makes for the perfect trip for everyone who likes to cycle along gently winding paths through varied landscapes.

Practical information:

  • Start point: Amsterdam, end point: Amsterdam.
  • Number of days: 8.
  • Average distance per day: approx. 45 kilometers.
  • You can rent an electric bicycle (E-bike).
  • This holiday is suitable for recreational cyclists and families with children.
  • The cycling tours are semi-guided: you will find the most beautiful spots with the aid of a detailed itinerary.

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