Cycling holiday: Frisian Eleven Cities Tour -
Photo: © Theo de Witte

Cycling holiday: Frisian Eleven Cities Tour

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  • Start from Leeuwarden.
  • Parking available near start hotel.
  • Your baggage will be transported for you.

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Discover fantastic Friesland

Hidden in a quintessentially Dutch landscape in the north of Holland, there are eleven historic cities. A unique piece of Dutch history revolves around these cities. They are interconnected by lakes and canals and represent the itinerary of a gigantic ice-skating event: The Elfstedentocht or Eleven Cities Tour.

The Eleven Cities Tour is an ice-skating tour that is held as soon as the ice is thick and strong enough. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen every winter. But you can ride the tour on a bicycle every year! The history of the Eleven Cities Tour and charm of the Frisian cities are the perfect reason to ride this tour. The wonderful and unique Frisian natural landscapes add another reason.

The Frisian landscape is marked by countless lakes, ditches and canals. It harbors unique nature reserves, large forests and typically Dutch meadow views. 

After cycling through this special province for the day, we have booked charming and comfortable hotels for you. They are located in one of the historic towns or the rural areas just outside the city.

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