Cycling holiday: Postiljon Tour -

Cycling holiday: Postiljon Tour

7 days, price from € 530,-

  • Starting point: Ede (Gelderland).
  • Cycle along Veluwemeer lake and the Hoge Veluwe.
  • Discover the Hanseatic trading towns.

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This is a wonderful seven day cycling tour along IJsselmeer lake, which leads you through forests, polders and heathlands and past beautiful authentic towns. It goes without saying that you will be sleeping in great hotels and your baggage will be transported for you. In short, you will have a whole week to enjoy beautiful nature and culture the Dutch way.

Riding a bicycle along the IJssel river.

The itinerary starts in Ede and leads you through Hoge Veluwe Natural Park, past towns like Harskamp and Stroe. You will stay at Nulde beach off IJsselmeer lake for the night. Fully rested, you will continue the next morning via the Hanseatic trading town of Harderwijk, past Elburg and towards Zwolle. In short, another tour with plenty of beautiful nature and unique towns.

Veluwezoom Natural Park

You will then follow the IJssel ride through the IJssel valley towards Deventer and Arnhem. This itinerary leads you through beautiful natural surroundings, like Veluwezoom Natural Park, and shows you the Dutch countryside at its best. You will conclude your journey where you started, in Ede.

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