Cycling holiday: Windmills and Pastures Tour -
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Cycling holiday: Windmills and Pastures Tour

  • Starting point: Utrecht.
  • Treat yourself to a Gouda stroopwafel after a day of cycling.
  • Highlight: The Kinderdijk windmills.

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When thinking of Holland, tulips and cheese probably come to mind, as well as windmills. For windmills are a part of Holland’s history and we are fortunate that so many remain in good condition. You will be visiting a few in the course of this six day ‘Windmills and Pastures Tour’! And of course you will also be admiring wonderful Dutch landscapes with their green pastures, spotted cows and lively water regions.

The Kinderdijk windmills

Starting in Bunnik you will ride through an attractive natural area past beautiful castles and mansions near the town of Gouda, which is famous for its cheeses and stroopwafels or ‘syrup waffles’. Continuing through Kinderdijk, which boasts nineteen exquisite wind and watermills in a row, you will ride towards Dordrecht. This is one of the nation’s oldest cities, which still has an attractive harbour area.

Old Gorinchem architecture

Crossing through the extraordinary Biesbosch freshwater area with its many water birds and wonderful views, you will reach the historic city of Gorinchem. Explore the old city gates, city walls and armouries and enjoy the ancient city centre. Finally, you will pass through Utrecht with its lovely canals, museums and restaurants and conclude your cycling holiday in Bunnik. In short, these are six wonderful days on a bicycle!

Windmills and Pastures Tour

''I had a <b>wonderful holiday with Dutch Bike Tours</b>. The routes and the scenery were great and I really thoroughly enjoyed it. The hotels standard was superb and very relaxing after a long day cycling.''

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