Sailing holiday with Holland Sail

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Discover a different side of Holland on a relaxed sailing holiday. A sailing holiday is a special way to spend your holiday in Holland. You will board one of the beautiful authentic ships and enter a mood of complete relaxation. Your holiday accommodation will sail from one place to the next.

  • Book an all-in sailing holiday.
  • Weekend, week or midweek.
  • Every trip is unique, they are never the same way twice.

You can sail along at prices starting from 230 p.p. Book now!

Sailing holiday on the IJsselmeer lake

Enkhuizen is one of the home ports of the Holland Sail ships. From Enkhuizen, you can go in any direction and sail across the entire Ijsselmeer lake. Let the wind lead you and dock at one of the authentic towns around the IJsselmeer lake. Visit the Frisian towns of Makkum, Workum or Stavoren or pass through the lock at Enkhuizen to sail towards the world-famous town of Volendam. These port towns are all interesting places to visit, with pleasant shopping streets and a broad variety of terraces and restaurants to enjoy a drink and a bite.

Wadden Sea sailing holiday

Most sailing holidays on the Wadden Sea start from Harlingen. This beautiful piece of nature is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with reason! The difference between ebb and flood makes the Wadden Sea a perfect habitat for countless animal species. Visit the seals soaking up the sun on a sandbank or go bird-spotting while watching the water go down on a quiet piece of the Wadden Sea. A special experience!

You will love spending time in the ports of the Wadden Islands of Texel, Vlieland, Terschelling, Ameland, and Schiermonnikoog.

Family holiday on the water

Want to spend a relaxing holiday with your family? Book an all-in sailing holiday! You won’t have to worry about a thing, everything will be taken care of for you. You can board the ship and start relaxing straight away. If you sail along on a ship, you can book one or more cabins for your family and find your beds already made. All catering is provided. Coffee, tea and tap water are available for free. Accommodation costs include final cleaning, port duties and tourist tax. You will only have to pay for any other drinks you enjoy.

The ships are definitely suitable for families with children. Sailing is a real adventure! If the children want to, they can help the skipper or crew hoist the sails, or even control the ship! Life jackets are available. Children up to 12 years receive a 10% discount.

Week tour or weekend

Want to get some fresh air? Come sailing on the Ijsselmeer lake or Wadden Sea for a weekend. Various routes are available from one of the home ports. Immediately after boarding on Friday night, you will find that life aboard a ship is very different to what you know. Enjoy the great atmosphere, meet the other guests and start dreaming about the adventures you will have.

After a delicious breakfast on Saturday morning, you will sail to one of the spots you want to see. Depending on the wind, there are several options. You will decide on your course in consultation with the skipper. After a great day on the water you will dock in one of the picturesque villages around the IJsselmeer or on one of the Wadden Islands. Take time to stretch your legs and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. You will return to your starting point on Sunday.

Want to enjoy life aboard for longer? In that case, you should opt for a (mid)week tour! When you are aboard for a week, you can take a longer tour to several towns or Wadden Islands. It may even be possible to let the ship run aground on the mud flats and admire the clear starry sky away from the inhabited world.

Joining a sailing tour

Small groups (of friends), families, couples or single travelers can join one of the sailing tours. These trips are informal and suitable for everyone and all ages. During these tours, the group and skipper together decide on the ship’s route. Catering aboard is usually included in the price.

Book a bed or private cabin and meet others the moment you board the ship. No sailing experience needed! Every ship has its own skipper and crew that have years of experience sailing the seas. You are allowed to help out with day to day activities aboard the ship but it is not required. If you simply want to relax and read a book, you can. Life jackets are available for safety reasons.

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Would you like to enjoy a sailing holiday with a bigger group? You may want to book an entire ship for your group starting from 8 persons.

Want to go sailing for a weekend or week?

Join a group tour and experience the freedom of a holiday on the water.

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