Best places to watch football in Amsterdam -

Best places to watch football in Amsterdam

When the Dutch team plays, Holland goes mad. The entire Dutch population stands behind the Orange team, especially in big tournaments. They are also called ‘the legion’. Watching soccer matches may be even more important than playing soccer. The Dutch like to watch soccer matches together, congregating in pubs or near a big screen on a square. What are the best places to watch soccer?

  • Watch a football match in a 'brown café', a characteristic Dutch pub.
  • Drink a beer at Heinekenplein square.
  • Watch a match with your feet in the sand.

These are the best places to watch football in Amsterdam. Surround yourself with outgoing orange fans, sing along to the best Holland songs and cheer to Dutch national football team.


The Jordaan quarter is packed with typical Amsterdam brown cafes. No matter if it’s a championship or a friendly match, the television is switched on to watch ‘oranje’. The more important the match, the bigger the chances that extra televisions are placed in the bar. If the weather allows it, sidewalks are often included to the café. It’s hard to miss and to pass these groups of exuberant orange fans. Suggestions for a bar where you can watch a match in the Jordaan neighborhood are Thijssen, De Blaffende Vis and Café Nol.


Heinekenplein is a square located behind the Heineken Experience in the ‘Pijp’ district. This area is known for having the highest amount of bars and restaurants per square meter in the Netherlands. You can find plenty of bars where you can cheer for the Dutch team surrounded by Holland fans of all ages. Heinekenplein has several bars and cafes located next to each other. It’s a great place to drink a beer, meet Holland supporters and watch the Dutch football team.


WestergasTerras is a cafe located at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam. Usually this café is a great place to enjoy a drink, lunch or dinner, while soaking up the sun on their terrace. During championships the terrace turns orange and becomes a get-together for Holland fans. You can watch the performances of the Dutch team from a big screen, while laying on one of the ‘Fatboys’ in the sun. This makes the WestergasTerras definitely one of the best places in Amsterdam to watch a match of the Dutch national football team.


Strandzuid is one of the city beaches of Amsterdam. On a sunny day you can relax in the sun with a bite and a drink, play beach-volleyball and paddle in the cooling water. During Europen and World Championships this beach transforms into a popular meeting place for orange fans. You need to buy a ticket at the door to join the festivities. In return you’ll get to see the match with your feet in the sand and your face in the sun. A DJ makes sure that the party will go on the whole night.


Not every match is broadcasted on a big screen at Museumplein (Museum Square) in Amsterdam. However, if the Dutch national football team reaches the semi-finals or final the chances are likely that the Amsterdam authorities allow a big screen. After the lost World Championship final (2010) the orange team was welcomed back by thousands of fans at Museumplein. Best you can do, is ask locals or the tourist information office if the next match is shown at Museumplein.


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