Bicycle itinerary Amsterdam - Edam -

Bicycle itinerary Amsterdam - Edam

If you feel like escaping the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam, rent a bicycle and take one of the beautiful tours around Amsterdam. These itineraries will take you through spectacular landscapes of lakes, rivers and old villages. One extraordinary tour is the one leading from Amsterdam to the fishing villages of Volendam and Edam near the IJsselmeer lake.

Old Dutch villages

Start in the city centre and take the ferry behind Amsterdam Central Station to reach Amsterdam-Noord. The itinerary continues through beautiful wetlands and polders, passing lovely old villages like Zuiderwoude, Monnickendam, Katwoude, Volendam and Edam. You can trust the Dutch bicycle itineraries and road signs because there is information everywhere along the road. It is virtually impossible to get lost around Amsterdam.

The ferry

The fishing villages on the shores of IJsselmeer lake are authentic and many people here still wear the traditional costume. Take some time out to eat a fish snack and enjoy the stunning views before getting back on your bike for the return journey. The distance from Amsterdam to Edam and back is about 52 kilometres. Please note that some parts of the itinerary require a ferry ride. Don’t start the return journey too late because the ferry service often stops at the end of the day.

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