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Celebrate New Year's Eve in Amsterdam

Ring in the new year in Amsterdam at one of the New Year’s Eve parties. There is plenty to do and experience wherever you are. Make sure to book your tickets well in advance, however. Discover how to make the most of your New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam!

Go brightly into the new year.

  • Visit one of the many New Year’s Eve parties in Amsterdam.
  • Eat oliebollen and apple turnovers with the Amsterdam natives.
  • Enjoy the fireworks!

People in Amsterdam love a party and New Year’s Eve (oud & nieuw) in particular. It’s a reason for great celebrations, from big dance parties with top DJs to exclusive costume balls and street parties on several squares throughout the city.

Book your tickets in advance

As mentioned before, there is an endless list of parties and festivities for New Year’s Eve in Holland. Do try to decide well in advance, however, because for many parties you need to buy tickets early on. Even many cafés and restaurants are fully booked on New Year’s Eve or have private events requiring advance reservation.

Street parties and fireworks

If you do not have special tickets for a party or dinner, never fear that you’ll miss out on the celebration. There are also many festivities on big squares, such as Nieuwmarkt and Museumplein, and Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein also offer plenty of entertainment. Fireworks are traditionally held on the Amstel river. Go to the Magere Brug (‘Skinny Bridge’) for a spectacular view of the brightly lit skies. 

Don’t forget to book your hotel well in advance, however.

The Day After

After a night on the town, there is nothing better than a brisk walk through the Vondelpark. Do try one of our typical, wonderful Dutch croquettes. Go to Febo to buy one from the 'wall' and postpone your New Year's resolutions for after!

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