Coffeeshops in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a reputation when it comes down to coffeeshops. There are over 200 coffeeshops in Amsterdam that sell more than just a cup of coffee. Though coffeeshops are permitted to sell customers five grams per person each day all drugs are illegal. The small amounts are only tolerated by the authorities. The article about the Dutch drug policies explains what’s legal and what’s not.

  • Small quantities of soft drugs are tolerated.
  • Make sure you are well informed of the effect and risks of soft drugs.
  • Over 200 coffee shops in Amsterdam sell soft drugs.

Top Coffeeshops of Amsterdam

There are several coffeeshops in Amsterdam that are well known for their reliable and trusted reputation:

  • The Bulldog;
  • Barney’s Coffeeshop;
  • Greenhouse United.

    Dutch Drug Policy

    The liberal policies in Holland that allow people to smoke cannabis and hashish are always a point of discussion. Please read the article about the Dutch drug policy and the effects and risks of soft drugs. Do keep in mind that it’s always best not to smoke cannabis.

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