Amsterdam Cycling City - Holland’s greatest cycling city -
Photo: © Kirk Fisher via Pixabay

Cycling City

Amsterdam is the number one biking city in Holland. Discover Amsterdam's most beautiful spots by bike. Read on to find tips on cycling in Amsterdam, bike rental in Amsterdam, and the most enjoyable routes to to take through Amsterdam. Amsterdam is also the starting point of many wonderful cycling holidays.

Bike hire in Amsterdam

Hire a bike and pedal your way around the city’s top attractions, feeling like a true Amsterdammer.

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A long weekend in Amsterdam

Don’t look any further for suggested itineraries for your 3 day trip to Amsterdam. These are the best tips for 72 hours in Amsterdam.

A weekend in Amsterdam

Things to do in Amsterdam if you only have two days. With these travel tips you will make the most of your two days in Amsterdam.


Bicycle tour through De Beemster

Enjoy this beautiful bicycle tour through nature reserve De Beemster.