Moooi Gallery -

Moooi Gallery

Located at the Westerstraat, in the middle of the Jordaan, between the canals, Moooi Gallery stands out as a glorious space in this district known for its tiny galleries, lovely restaurants and trendy stores. With its 700 square meters, the gallery is filled with the entire Moooi collection and novelties on a permanent basis.

  • Innovative and elegant designs.
  • Worldly and historical pieces and accessories.
  • Between the canals of the Jordaan.

The beauty of Moooi

The name Moooi is derived from the Dutch word “mooi”, which means beautiful. As Moooi has inspired and seduced the world with sparkling and innovative designs within the interior design industry, the founders of Moooi, Marcel Wanders and Casper Vissers, wanted to emphasize the originality and extreme beauty of these designs and added another ‘o’. Dutch all-round designer Marcel Wanders is known for his designs such as the knotted chair and egg vase.

Impressive collection of renowned designers

Moooi Gallery has a large collection, which exhibits a variety of Moooi items in contrast with historical pieces & accessories from around the world. Besides Wander’s designs, the gallery also has designs from national and international renowned designers, such as Jurgen Bey, Bertjan Pot, Jasper Morrisson, Ross Lovegrove and Studio Job. The interior is selected by Wanders as well, and due to the functionality or the creative or dazzling brilliancy. Moooi aims to balance the unique objects with the icons and functional products. When in the neighborhood, this is definitely a must-see shop!

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