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Museums in Amsterdam

With over 60 museums Amsterdam has the highest museum density in the world and you have no excuse to be bored. Absolute highlights of Amsterdam are the Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum, National Rijksmuseum and Hermitage Amsterdam. However, museums like the Amsterdam Historical Museum, the Rembrandt House, NEMO Amsterdam and the Museum of Bags and Purses are most definitely worth your time too.

Art museums in Amsterdam

Explore the Golden Age in Amsterdam, when world trade, incredible wealth and famous art converged.

Sights to see

Oude Kerk Amsterdam

Amble through the sacred spaces of Amsterdam’s oldest building, now an adventurous art museum.

Discover this wonderful museum with its unique 20th century collection.

Museums with history

See Anne Frank’s story re-told as a video series, bringing the famous diary to a modern audience.

History museums

Anne Frank House

Discover how the Frank family and other people lived in hiding during the occupation of Holland.

History museums

Museum Van Loon

Museum Van Loon is the former residence of a family of regents in Amsterdam. The home is a living museum with a great art collection.

Step into Amsterdam’s most unusual church, hidden in the attic of a 17th century canal house.

History museums

Amsterdam Museum

An interactive journey through the history of Amsterdam.

Neighborhoods & Districts

Jewish Cultural Quarter

Learn about the religion, culture and history of the Jewish people and Judaism in Holland.

Map of Amsterdam

Watch this video: Museum Square