Amsterdam Museum


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Amsterdam Museum

The Amsterdam Museum is an exciting museum that uses the latest multimedia. Young and old receive a perfect insight on the history and people of Amsterdam.

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The entire museum is dedicated to the rich history of Amsterdam. The museum gives you an overview how a settlement along the river ‘Amstel’ in the 13th century transformed into a lively cosmopolitan city. Experience and understand the tolerance, enterprising spirit and individuality of a city that has attracted people from the four corners of the earth for centuries.

Amsterdam DNA

In less than an hour the Amsterdam DNA presentation offers a fascinating and concise overview of the history of Amsterdam through interactive images, sound, movement and specially chosen objects.

Thanks to the use of the latest multimedia, the Amsterdam Museum is just as modern as the international city of Amsterdam itself. Still, certain bits of the past are best explained by archeological finds and paintings by Dutch masters.

For the kids

The little orphanage (Het Kleine Weeshuis) is a special attraction for children aged from 4 to 10. This interactive exhibition enables kids and their parents to see what life must have been like in a 17th-century orphanage.

Get to understand the people of Amsterdam and learn a bit of their history. The Amsterdam Museum is an exciting museum where young and old get a perfect insight on the history and characteristics of Amsterdam.

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Amsterdam Museum
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