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Herengracht 366
1016CH Amsterdam
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Have you always wanted to see inside a historic canal house? In that case, you should visit the majestic Cromhouthuis, a stunning former canal residence on the pleasant Herengracht in Amsterdam. Meet the Cromhout family, who lived in this building in the 17th and 18th centuries, and visit the Biblical Museum on the top floors.

  • Admire the wondrous ceiling in the salon.
  • Discover exotic treasures in the curiosity cabinet.
  • Explore the Biblical Museum.

Painted ceiling

The Cromhouthuis was built by the Cromhouts, a rich merchant family from Amsterdam, in the 17th century. Walk through the salon, the heart of the house in which parties were held in the past, and admire the wondrous ceiling full of painted scenes by Jacob de Wit.

Curiosity cabinet

Don’t forget to check out the Antichambre. The Cromhout family’s visitors were received here before they entered the salon. In addition to temporary exhibitions, this room also boasts the curiosity cabinet - a characteristic phenomenon in the Golden Age. Rich families often owned a cabinet full of little doors and drawers with a variety of exotic treasures. The wealthy Cromhout family was no exception.

Biblical Museum

Finally, you should definitely climb up to the Cromhouthuis’ top floors. This is where you will find the Biblical Museum with its collection of extraordinary objects that pull you into the world of the Bible. Learn all about familiar biblical stories and the Bible’s influence on modern Western culture. And admire a model of Solomon’s Temple, several rare Bibles, and archaeological finds from Egypt.

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