The National Maritime Museum


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Het Scheepvaartmuseum (the National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam) lets you discover how much of our wealth and culture we owe to the sea. In and around the beautiful ‘s Lands Zeemagazijn, one of the major Golden Age buildings of Amsterdam, you’ll find eleven exhibitions, the attraction Voyage at Sea and the East Indiaman Amsterdam. Together they tell the rich maritime history of the Netherlands.

  • Visit the replica of the VOC ship from 1749
  • Explore one of the world’s biggest maritime collections
  • Enjoy the spectacular covered inner court

Stimulating and inspiring

The exhibitions of Het Scheepvaartmuseum excite, inspire and clarify. In atmospheric settings, it is as if the pieces from the world-famous collection talk to you. There are special exhibitions for children, about the Golden Age, whaling and the development of the port of Amsterdam.

Step aboard De Zeereis, where you will experience a lifelike adventure at sea. The themed object exhibitions, such as Atlases and Navigation Instruments, display the best from the world’s biggest maritime collections. And don’t forget to visit the Amsterdam, where you can experience what life in the past was like aboard a VOC ship.

Beautiful courtyard

Het Scheepvaartmuseum is within walking distance from Amsterdam Central Station. Everyone, young and old, is welcome to enjoy the building and the exhibitions. The restaurant, library and museum shop are freely accessible from the spectacular covered courtyard.

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The Dutch Golden Age

The Dutch Golden Age (17th century) was a period of tremendous wealth for the Dutch Republic.

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