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The Rembrandt House Museum

Jodenbreestraat 4
1011NK Amsterdam
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The former residence of Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn has been restored to its former glory; the way it was when Rembrandt lived here in the 17th century. Everything’s there: his studio, his living quarters and his art. You’ll most definitely be surprised by his curiosity cabinet.

  • Visit Rembrandt van Rijn’s former residence.
  • It still looks the way it did when Rembrandt lived there.
  • View a changing collection of paintings by Rembrandt.

Collection of the Rembrandt House Museum

Rembrandt lived and worked in this monumental building in the center of Amsterdam from 1639 to 1658. The residence was redecorated entirely with furniture, art and objects from his era on the basis of an inventory that was drawn up when Rembrandt was declared bankrupt.

Find yourself in the seventeenth century as you explore his living room, kitchen and workshop. The house tells the story of Rembrandt as a man, artist, teacher, collector, businessman, and citizen of Amsterdam.

Besides the rooms of the house, the Rembrandt House Museum shows:

  • Paintings by Rembrandt’s contemporaries, his pupils and his teacher ‘Pieter Lastman’.
  • Rembrandt’s graphical work: The museum harbors a large collection of 260 Rembrandt etchings (in total app. 290 etchings are known) as well as four of Rembrandt’s copper etching plates.
  • Daily demonstrations of Rembrandt’s etching technique, as well as frequent demonstrations of 17th-century paint mixing.
  • Temporary exhibitions which highlight certain aspects of Rembrandt’s work.

2019: 350 Years of Rembrandt

In 2019, it will be 350 years since the death of Rembrandt van Rijn. In this theme year, the Rembrandthuis offers 3 extraordinary exhibitions.

Rembrandt and You

As you walk through the Rembrandt’s House Museum you’ll understand more and more of this old master, his life and his achievements. It is by far the closest you’ll ever get to understanding the painter Rembrandt.

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