Parking in Amsterdam -
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Parking in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has more cars than parking spaces, which forces the city to maintain a very strict parking policy. If you’re visiting Amsterdam by car, make sure that you know where you may and may not park and make sure you pay your fees. Find out more about parking locations, fees and P+R car parks in Amsterdam.

Parking in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, you can park along the streets and canals, or in one of the parking garages. However, be aware that the fees charged are not the same everywhere. Where parking in some areas costs just €1.50 per hour, it can be as expensive as €5 per hour in the centre. Payment can usually be made by PIN or credit card, but the specific available options vary per machine. Failing to pay can net you a hefty fine or even result in your car being towed, so be careful!

On Sundays and holidays, parking on the street is free, except in the Centrum and Zuidoost areas and the NDSM terrain in Amsterdam Noord. On King’s Day, parking is free throughout all of Amsterdam, but considering the extreme crowds we strongly recommend that you travel by public transport.

P+R (park and ride)

Looking for cheap parking? In that case, use one of the P+R car parks in and around the city, from which you can easily and quickly travel to the city centre by public transport. You can pay for the trip using an OV chip card, or a P+R GVB card, which is available from the blue P+R machines. When going to pay for your parking, show your OV chip card or P+R GVB card for an amended P+R fee. P+R car parks usually have day rates and hourly rates.

Amsterdam has various P+R car parks, such as P+R Zeeburg or P+R Olympisch Stadion. For more addresses and information about parking in Amsterdam, inquire at your lodgings or with the local VVV tourist office.

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