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Friday Night Skate

Friday Night Skate is one of Amsterdam’s most talked-about events. Every Friday night a different route is covered. Distances vary between 15 and 25 kilometers. Friday Night Skate is suitable for experienced riders.
Tolstraat 190
1074VN Amsterdam
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Practical information: every Friday night of the year, start is between 8:15 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. Departure from the round bench in front of Café Vertigo in Vondel Park. The ride ends at Café De Vondeltuin in Vondel Park. The trip takes two hours and is free of charge. You do not have to register; if the roads are wet the event does not go ahead.

Amsterdam skate spots

Besides the Friday Night Skate there are many other moments and places where you can explore Amsterdam and its surroundings on skates. If you like to skate through nature, the paved paths in Vondel Park, Spaarnwoude and the Amsterdamse Bos are perfect for you. In summer in particular many other lovers of this sport will join you. In autumn and in winter these locations are less busy, while still offering great scenic beauty.

If you love in-line skating and water, you are not limited to the famous, but busy, canals in Amsterdam. The Gaasterplas is a good alternative. You can skate all around this lake. It is also quite doable to skate around the KNSM/Java Island. In addition to enjoying great views of the river IJ, you will see Amsterdam’s most modern residential estate.

Amsterdam, skate city!

It is not surprising that Amsterdam is popular with in-line skaters. There is much to see and do for both beginners and experienced in-line skaters. Lots of events and tours are organized in and around Amsterdam, especially in summer. These include tours for groups and individual skaters, half-pipes and roller discos. Amsterdam is a great city to explore on wheels. Get more information about the Friday Night Skate.

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