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Bols, the oldest distillery in the world, has been brewing liqueurs in Amsterdam since 1575. But it was Lucas Bols, who took the reins of the company about a century after its inception, who turned Bols into a world-famous brand. Not only did he expand the number of liqueurs, he also started selling jenever or Dutch gin. Nowadays you can visit the House of Bols at the Museumplein in Amsterdam. It is a unique experience that you will definitely enjoy.   

  • Visit House of Bols, the world’s oldest distillery.
  • House of Bols merges tradition with innovation.
  • Conclude your House of Bols visit with your favorite cocktail.
Paulus Potterstraat 14
1071CZ Amsterdam
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Happy hour, always

A visit to House of Bols is a spectacular experience where you will discover flavours, aromas, images and sound. Enter the Hall of Taste where you can taste 38 different liqueur flavours and view the Delft Blue Room, the World of Cocktails Club and the mysterious Bols Genever Room. The tour ends in the Mirror Bar, where bartenders mix your favourite cocktail in front of your eyes.

Minimum age 18

House of Bols has won the Dutch Design Award, proving that history and tradition can go hand in hand with innovation and contemporary design. House of Bols is located next to the Rijksmuseum and diagonally opposite the Van Gogh museum on the Museumplein. Please note: the minimum age is 18 years!

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