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Vondelpark flea market Amsterdam

If you are in Amsterdam on King’s Day, we absolutely recommend visiting the Vondelpark.  While most of the parties in the city itself start after midday, the park fills with children’s laughter early on in the day.

  • On King’s Day, go shopping on the ‘free market’ in the Vondelpark.
  • Enjoy the great atmosphere.
  • After your stroll through the Vondelpark, walk to Leidseplein square and find a table on a terrace.

Children’s party

The beautiful Vondelpark is reserved mainly for the children. They gather in great numbers, hoping to sell their old toys and games. Even more entertaining are the many children performing in the park. Truly, the Vondelpark is transformed into the most original attraction park in Holland for the day.

Holland's got talent

Children playing the violin or guitar, applying theatre makeup, performing plays, playing games... You will find that they conceive of the most original attractions and activities to draw an audience. And you’ll be surprised at the many talents performing at the park. The children also imagine the craziest new games in which you can participate for fifty cents or one euro. The much-loved Vondelpark is within easy walking distance from Leidseplein square.

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