Maastricht Underground
Maastricht Underground
Photo: © Maastricht Marketing / Jonathan Vos

Attractions in Maastricht

Maastricht’s biggest attractions are the underground tours to the casemates. Another fun attraction is a boat ride over the river Meuse. The tripoint, white village of Thorn, Valkenburg and Gaiapark Kerkrade Zoo are just a short ride away from Maastricht.

Attractions in Maastricht

Visit the caves near Maastricht. Walk through the tunnels and listen to stories about life underground.

This fortress protected the city over 300 years ago. Now you can explore it on a guided tour.

Take a tour through the underground network of Maastricht.

Culinary experience

Brouwerij Bosch

Visit the only remaining city brewery in Maastricht and learn all about brewing craft beers the old-fashioned way.

Maastricht is best discovered by foot. Enjoy these great walking tours when you visit Maastricht.

Culinary experience


Discover the oldest working watermill in Holland in the city center of Maastricht.

Outside Maastricht

The small community of Valkenburg is a tourist attraction in itself.

Visit this special town known for its white houses.

Maastricht’s golf course of choice is Golfbaan Het Rijk van Margraten. Tee off in the hills of Limburg, surrounded by farmland, forests and vineyards.

Travel to the top of the Cauberg, where Thermae 2000 arises like a pale oasis.

Voted most beautiful zoo in the Benelux several times.